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  • Erin S.

Drones and the Environment

A major debate these days is whether or not technology can improve the environment. Drones are machines that people can control, fly and transport items with. However, they can be a positive force in the fight against climate change.

Whether it’s to scour an earthquake or flood-ridden area to look for survivors, or fight fires by delivering fire retardants, drones are a powerful tool in the fight to keep wildlife (and wild areas) safe. There’s no need to deploy heavy trucks and spend countless hours to survey the land when a drone can fly into the action and quickly assess the situation.

Additionally, drones can aid in the actual planting of trees. Companies such as DroneSeed produce their own large UAVs designed to plant trees over large areas efficiently, rapidly, and in ways designed to maximize the survivability and success rate of the seeds.

In fact, using drones to plant seeds has numerous advantages. In areas recently affected by forest fires, planting tree seeds quickly is crucial to preventing tall shrubs from taking over the area. Drones can monitor large swaths of territory with ease, as opposed to teams of humans trekking and trampling across the area.

Drones are also able to access harsh terrain inaccessible to humans and enable a much faster response time. Drones provide an aerial bird’s-eye view, which means issues that wouldn’t be visible from the ground will be readily apparent. Flight paths are created, and then another fleet of drones fly on the flight paths while dispensing special seed vessels.

For instance, DroneSeed’s vessel contains a combination of seeds optimal for the location, fertilizer, and a natural deterrent to deter squirrels, mice, and other rodents from eating the seeds.

One of the biggest struggles farmers have to deal with is the monitoring of plants in large farming areas. Agricultural workers can access the 3D map drones create to determine the overall health of vegetation on a given farm and direct workers to the crops needing the most attention and care. Additionally, drones can be used to provide aid when natural disasters strike.

It’s clear that drones can help the environment, especially for farming and wildlife purposes.


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