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Carbon Consumption Model

As climate change is becoming a more prevalent issue, I decided to figure out how many carbon emissions I personally emit. After doing some research, I managed to calculate roughly how many emissions I emit. Since carbon dioxide is one of the main contributors to climate change, I realized that many people do not realize their own impacts because they have not calculated and understood the gravity of their actions. It is said that the average household produces around 7 tons of carbon dioxide each year, equivalent to the emissions produced by several airplane flights combined. The United States is the second highest contributor to carbon emissions per capita, meaning we are more wasteful than most countries. This amount is caused by almost every action we take, as the items we consume (or don’t use at all) can waste resources and increase carbon dioxide emissions. There have been many articles and studies which estimate how much carbon emissions certain foods or activities emit and I have been looking through several. To truly understand how much carbon you are emitting, here is a basic list you can use to determine the amount of carbon emissions you emit in your everyday life.

As you can see, each of our actions add up and we seldom realize how much harm we truly cause to the environment. Foods, especially meats, are the highest contributors of carbon emissions. If you want to reduce your emissions, try eating plant-based (or even go vegetarian/vegan if possible), reduce your food waste, shop at thrift/second hand stores and consider purchasing an electric vehicle and solar panels. Every action we take can affect the environment and even small things can make a big impact. I will continue to find ways to reduce my personal emissions and I hope you do, too!

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